Family Cruising Beyond the Caribbean

Caribbean cruising is a popular vacation destination for families.  In fact, travelers aged 50 and younger “rate cruise vacations as the best type of vacation, especially for relaxing and getting away from it all”.  White sand, turquoise waters and unlimited buffets can be found for as little as $169 per person for a three-night cruise on Carnival Cruise Lines.  It’s a great deal, and you’re going to go cruising with lots and lots of other people who also thought it was a great deal.
If you’ve done the Caribbean and you have a bigger budget or you’re ready for a bigger adventure, consider taking your family to a farther flung destination, such as the Mediterranean, Northern Europe, the South Pacific, Asia, or even Antarctica.  I like to note that cruises are great to give you a sampling of several cultures.  You’re barely a tourist for up to 12 hours, then you have to hurry back to the ship before it takes off without you.  It’s ideal for adding to your bucket list of places you want to go explore.
We joined almost 25 million cruisers in 2016 when we took our three-year-old to Barcelona last summer where we embarked for an 11 day Mediterranean cruise on Holland America Line cruises.  In each city, we were able to find kid-friendly activities, such as this playground near the Sagrada Familia!
Anna was one of less than a dozen preschool aged children on the entire ship, which has a capacity of over 2000 passengers.  Clearly, this kind of travel has not caught on with families of small children!  Her favorite activity by far was the kids’ club.  In fact, she refused to get off the boat for three different ports because she wanted to stay on and play!  There was no additional cost to us to leave her on board, so we took off to enjoy several days with the adults!
At the end of our trip, we had visited seven countries, practiced five languages, walked many miles, and spent precious moments with my grandparents and extended family.

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